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My name is Aslan. I am from Azerbaijan, and one of the craziest fans of Valencia CF. I have created this page in 2008 but started to write about VCF since April of 2010.

After matches of Valencia I am writing  an article which is not exactly a statistic report, but overall view and interesting sides of matches as well. Especially for those who might miss it on TV or in Mestalla. And also I get news from VCF websites which are in Spanish. In short I am going to serve you with "VCF Menu" , hope you all enjoy it.

If you can see on my blog's header, Valencia - the word itself is written in a shape of "bat". I made that design in 2005. It was my dream that one day a banner containing that design will be held in Mestalla and dream came true (click)

          Aslan Maharramli